Estone Tech Looking for Bright Growth Opportunities at Display Week Expo

Los Angeles, CA – Electronic display industry professionals worldwide will gather at the Los Angeles Convention Center this May 21st-26th for a week of learning about the current state of the industry, and the latest advances in display screen technology and tools. Among hot topics expected to be discussed are all-weather touchscreen technology, and touch screen security measures, such as Pin-On-Glass technology. Previous shows demonstrated the growth of affordable OLED technology, while this year’s show will demonstrate advancements in AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) and a discussion of the growing role of Women in the Display Technology industry.

Estone Tech Business Development Manager Randall Sucamele will be on hand during the expo portion of the conference and symposium, available to make connections with those in the industry and those with an interest in it.  Estone Tech has long held an important interest in the display technology industry, and Estone offers tablets and embedded computers with numerous display technologies, like extra-bright screens, multi-point, all-weather touchscreens, and hardened touchscreen glass that resists scratches, chips, and breakage.

Attendees to the Conference and Expo will find plenty to do, with presentations from technical authors and business interests about all types of display technology and implementations, metrology workshops, symposiums, an awards show, and business hubs that allow quiet, more formal meeting space. LA is also replete with entertainment and relaxation opportunities, so the event is sure to be an enjoyable experience for all attendees.

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