Bridging the Gap Between Productivity and Mobility: The MD-150

Since the announcement of our MD-150 and its appearance at the Estone Technology booth at HIMSS 2021, many solution providers have requested to see the product first hand.  While the sample we have created is still in EVT, the feedback we have received is overwhelmingly positive.  It appears that the MD-150 serves a gap in the market that has been needed between mobility and productivity.

Pushing the Limits Between Tablet and All-in-One

When you get to a screen size of 15.6” in a tablet designed for durability, mobility begins to become a concern.  A durable tablet needs more protected corners, a larger chassis, and a stronger screen.  All these elements add to the size and weight of a device.

The first reaction everyone has when seeing the MD-150 for the first time is “Wow, that is a big screen” and “That’s too big to be a tablet”.  Usually the tablet is sitting on a docking station at this point, the best way to display it.  Once the tablet is picked up and is used, the practical applications become clear.

The screen is large and the chassis makes it larger but it offers the user a place to grip and carry the device without touching the screen inadvertently, something you can’t do on devices with a smaller chassis.  The wide back allows you to hold the tablet as if you were holding a book.  With the tablet in hand, the size becomes less of a concern and more of a convenience for more on-screen productivity. 

MD-150 on a docking station

Keeping Mobility With a Larger Device

The key that helps keep the MD-150 a mobility option while being a larger device is the quick docking capabilities and expandable potential.  The dock for the MD-150 can have a keyboard, mouse and second monitor ready to go, leveraging the 15.6” screen in a stationary setting, familiar to a laptop.  When it’s time to go mobile, the device lifts out of the dock with no resistance or cables to disconnect. A handle can be mounted to the device making the mobility even more convenient.

Utilizing this form factor, a physician can feel comfortable moving from patient to patient while using the tablet with a screen size large enough to easily navigate software and read text.  Staying mobile and keeping the device in the physician’s possession prevents the need to continuously log in and out of the device. Without multiple users being logged into the device at one time, the device will run faster.  Performance savings can translate to time savings which is becoming necessary with expanded healthcare usage.

MD-150 with mounted hard handle.

Top End Performance Increases Productivity

The MD-150 is created with an 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake i5 or i7, 8GB or 16GB LPDDR4X Memory and a 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB Gen 4 PCIe SSD.   These incredible specifications allow even the most demanding applications to run simultaneously on the tablet.  These latest specifications include the requirements to run Windows 11, which will futureproof the operating system of the device throughout its lifespan.

Productivity doesn’t end with the performance of the device.  Built with the highest quality components, chemically hardened and optically bonded glass, IP65 waterproof design, and a drop resistant chassis to MIL-STD-810H specifications, downtime of the device for repairs is reduced.  The durability of the tablet keeps the device in operational use much longer than other devices.  When it comes to mobility, it’s important to be rugged to account for accidents that cannot be avoided.

MD-150 waterproof IP65 MIL-STD-810H drop tested performance

Ready for Production Orders

The MD-150 is currently in EVT, which means we are ready to start taking orders on production models and reserve your order for mass production.  Inquire to one of our representatives to receive more information about the MD-150 and begin the manufacturing of your devices.  White label opportunities and custom ODM solutions are welcome.