Blu-Ray File (RIP) Playback On ION 2 – Habey EPC-6568 Dual Core Intel Atom ION 2 Blu-Ray Ready Platforms Based On Low Profile Mini-ITX Next Generation NVIDIA ION Embedded Board

EPC-6568 PC

HABEY USA, a leading manufacturer of embedded computers and server storage products, today announces  and a series of ION2 based Blu-ray ready* barebone systems as well as components for the DIY HTPC and digital signage media player system integrator market. These dual core Atom next generation NVIDIA ION platforms are all based on Habey’s newly announced MITX-6564, a low profile mini-ITX board incorporating the next generation NVIDIA ION and Intel D510 dual core Atom processor. Three models are available in different enclosures: EPC-6568 (low profile Apple TV style case), EPC-6564 (1U case with Blu-ray drive) and EPC-6569 (Mac mini style case with Blu-ray drive).

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