White Paper

Incorporate AI Accelerators Such as Google Edge AI TPU Into Your Industrial Computers and Panel PCs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making immense strides in various fields over the years, and with these advancements in technology, its applications are increasing day by day. One of the technologies making significant progress in this field is the Google Edge AI Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), which is a specialized hardware chip designed to support… 

October 2018 Whitepaper – Touchscreen Coatings

Touchscreen devices are everywhere and because of that, different screens face different demands. Fortunately, with the right films and coatings, your touchscreen can be prepared for anything. Learn more about anti-glare, anti-reflection, depolarization, and oleophobic screen coatings with this month’s Estone Technology whitepaper. PDF Link – October 2018 Whitepaper Enjoy this whitepaper? Follow the link… 

September 2018 Whitepaper – 5 Essential Rugged Tablet Features

Interested in rugged tablets for your organization, but not sure what features you should be on the lookout for? Download this month’s whitepaper – “Rugged Tablet Solutions: 5 Essential Tablet Features” to learn more. PDF Link – September 2018 Whitepaper Enjoy this whitepaper? Follow the link at the bottom of the page to sign up… 

Whitepaper – November 2017

Our November, 2017 Whitepaper discusses the future of mHealth and Healthcare IT solutions. Estone Tech is a leader in OEM production for Medical Equipment companies. Learn where the future is headed, and how we can help you get there. Download the PDF – Medical IT Solutions: Products and Applications to Improve Healthcare.

Whitepaper – October 2017

Download our October 2017 Whitepaper and learn more about tablet and panel PC solutions for all types of outdoor activities. From touchpanel PCs in golf carts to GPS and entertainment units in ATVs, and tablets for player coaching and league development – tablet and panel PCs are popping up all over in outdoor recreation. Download… 

Whitepaper – September 2017

Download our September 2017 Whitepaper discussing the benefits of robust, rugged panel and tablet PCs for marine applications. Learn how all of the features of a boat or watercraft can come together in an embedded tablet to increase the pleasure & safety of boating. Estone Tech is a leader in tablet solutions for marine applications.… 

Whitepaper – August 2017

Download our August 2017 Whitepaper discussing the tablet & panel pc testing methods that Estone Tech uses to ensure the most durable products available. Estone Tech is a leader in tablet solutions for these and many other industries. Download the PDF – Building Rugged Tablets: Testing Methods at Estone Tech

Whitepaper – July 2017

Download our July 2017 Whitepaper discussing panel & tablet solutions in Recreation, Vending, Accessibility, and Industrial Applications. Estone Tech is a leader in tablet solutions for these and many other industries. Download the PDF – Panel & Tablet Solutions: Results in Four Industries