Building Intelligent Products for Industrial Applications

Estone Technology is an industry leader in Design & Manufacturing Services for medical and other ruggedize computing embedded applications. We offer a full suite of services from design, engineering, manufacturing, software, App, to AI integration, enabling you to deliver the latest technologies to the market, quickly and efficiently.

Intelligent Products With Versatility

Rugged Tablets, Smart Panel PC, Software, and AI Modules. These versatile and purpose-built products forge the next wave of innovation- and turn possibility into reality.

Medical Grade Tablets

Medical grade tablets that are fully customizable and medical certified to meet any healthcare needs.

MD-100M Medical Grade Tablet PC
Rugged Tablets

Purpose-built tablets that are fully waterproof and tough for mission-critical industrial applications

UR-100 Rugged Tablet PC
Smart Panels

Smart panels designed for a variety of industries like healthcare, home automation, hospitality, POS, and more

Panel PC Mounted to Home Wall
Embedded Modules

Embedded module designs with new technology, enable a diverse portfolio with advanced features to meet your goal

Industrial Fanless PC in Hand

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Doctor conferencing with a patient on a tablet
Improving the Patient Experience with Mobile Technology

Quality patient care is the core of every great healthcare provider. After all, when patients are satisfied with their care, they develop trust in your services — improving their reception to treatments as well. One way to improve patient care in your organization is with the use of mobile technology. Mobile health products have dominated […]

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Estone Technology’s New Look, Email Preferences Center

Estone Technology’s New Look We have a new look! Our new website is faster and contains updated information on the products and features you want to read about. Our backlog of articles are still available so you can continue to read about new technologies and product information. We will continue to add additional content and […]

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Voice Control Panel PC
Building Skill-free Alexa Voice Control into IoT Devices

Voice control is the successor of touch screen interface used in products like smartphones, tablets, home automation, in-vehicle control, vending machines, kiosk and Human Machine Interface (HMI).  It is the next big thing of user Interface (UI), especially for artificial intelligence enabled IoT devices, ranging from smart home products to industrial control panels.  According to […]

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