Archives October 2020

Voice Control Panel PC
Building Skill-free Alexa Voice Control into IoT Devices

Voice control is the successor of touch screen interface used in products like smartphones, tablets, home automation, in-vehicle control, vending machines, kiosk and Human Machine Interface (HMI).  It is the next big thing of user Interface (UI), especially for artificial intelligence enabled IoT devices, ranging from smart home products to industrial control panels.  According to […]

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Medical Tablets with Barcode Scanner
Tablet PC with Barcode Reader

The modern era advancements offer amazing technologies for healthcare sectors, warehouses, and other industries. Barcode technologies have redefined safety, efficacy, and errorless services while minimizing the human efforts and inaccuracies. With the help of the barcode scanner and its integration in various devices, the professionals can avoid data transmission using paper-based documents and improve inter-team […]

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