Archives February 2020

Estone Panel PC and HMI Display Interfaces
Selecting Industrial Panel PC and HMI Display Interfaces

There are a number of key parameters that must be considered when implementing a LCD into an industrial panel PC or HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) design. They include size, resolution, brightness, touch control and display interfaces. The display interface that is used to connect to the panel PC embedded board is a critical factor in […]

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Rugged Tablet with Extremely Bright Screen and Digitizer Pen
Is a Rugged Tablet Right for Your Application?

Today’s consumer-grade tablets are impressive, but also often unequipped to meet the challenging demands of industrial applications. This leads to an increased need for rugged, utilitarian tablets. Industrial tablets are purpose-built and purpose-driven tools. Sectors where time and safety are essential benefit from these powerful and targeted pieces of equipment. Once an organization decides to […]

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