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MD-100 Tablet Wall Dock
Many Expansion Options Highlight MD-100 Tablet Lineup

When we developed out feature MD-100 tablet, we planned for a huge variety of possible uses, from medical, to industrial, to commercial, across all types of venues. With our clearest, brightest screen available, loads of computing power, and an exceptional number of available modules and tools, we knew that the 10” rugged tablet might be […]

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MJC-100 Rugged Windows Tablet in Water
Rugged PC Review Takes On The MJC-100

Industry veterans have long known the most trustworthy sources for rugged technology news. Nobody has been around longer or become more trusted than, a longtime partner across a whole industry of the most rugged and durable computer products available. Now, they have taken on our MJC-100 Rugged Windows Tablet with a complete review and […]

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