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Waterproof Intel Atom Tablet
Semi-Rugged Tablets, Fully Rugged Tablets, Ultra-Rugged Tablets – What’s the difference?

At their root, rugged, semi-rugged, and ultra-rugged tablets represent the same basic technology – All-In-One Touchscreen Computers with their own power source that have been designed to withstand stresses beyond ordinary home-and-office use. In practice, the differences between these technologies extend much further. A Ruggedized Tablet is a tablet that has been designed with components […]

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Rugged Tablets - CAGR
Rugged Tablet Market to Grow through 2024

If you’ve been hearing more and more about Rugged Tablets and Ruggedized Technology lately, you’re not alone. A new market study reports that the Rugged Tablet market is growing by leaps and bounds, and shows no signs of stopping. According to the study, a rugged tablet or other piece of ruggedized technology is something […]

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