Archives April 2018

Rockchip Android Tablet Processors
How To: Choosing a Processor for your Android Tablet

For decades, choosing a processor for a computer system was a relatively simple matter. The software you expected to run on the system had indicated requirements, such as a minimum and recommended CPU clock speed and CPU type. Armed with that information, computer buyers could choose a CPU that met their current needs, with some […]

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QT Linux Logo
Embedded Linux and the Qt (Cute) Framework

Though a variety of Operating System companies are now producing versions of their OSes designed for efficient, embedded systems and the Internet of Things, Linux-powered Operating System releases continue to reign supreme. Popular platforms today include many well known Android releases, Meego, Snapgear, Embedded Debian, and more. These operating systems are popular because they are […]

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Consumer Tablet Glare
Rugged Tablets vs Consumer Tablets – What’s the Difference?

You requested, and received, an iPad or the latest Microsoft Surface tablet at work. It’s a great tool – combining the benefits of a powerful smartphone and highly portable laptop. The touchscreen simplifies some aspects of your work, and the ability to carry the tablet around the office with you frees you from your desk […]

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