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Commercial Tablet Market Growth CAGR

Infographic – Rugged Tablets & Displays: Five Years Out

Rugged tablets and displays aren’t just a growing market – they’re exploding. With a wide variety of industries from financial markets to food service all engaging in increasing automation efforts, the demand for rugged tablets and panel PCs is at an all time high, and shows no signs of stopping. Check out this week’s infographic to see where the market is now, and where it’s expected to go next.

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OEM Manufacturing Label application

OEM Tablet PCs – The Basics

Knowing the needs of a particular industry is a company’s worth of full time jobs. While general purpose consumer products can sometimes be shoehorned into duty servicing the needs of a particular industry, they rarely offer the level of comprehensiveness needed to meet requirements, and reach the end of their life cycle with the industry very quickly. That’s where specialized companies come in – stocked with researchers and engineers who understand the industry completely, and seek answers to the most pressing questions. These companies supply products and services that are ideal to the end users, and have long life cycles and robust applications.

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Werstec Industry Show Logo

Automation Tablet Tech to Highlight Westec 2017 Manufacturing Expo

Los Angeles, CA – With an emphasis on smart manufacturing and the inclusion of automation and digital technologies in all parts of the manufacturing chain, this year’s Westec Manufacturing Convention and Expo brings plenty of opportunity for manufacturers to improve and grow their businesses. Three days of seminars, break-out sessions, and an expo featuring hundreds of companies and representatives from every area of manufacturing technology come together this September 12-14 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The convention is expected to draw tens of thousands of attendees from across industries as diverse as aerospace, medical technology, industrial machinery, and consumer goods. Attendees can learn about the latest advances in the Internet of Things, and how they can use those technologies in their own manufacturing processes.

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Estone Technology Partner J Squared at DEFSEC 2017 Defense & Security Expo

Halifax, NS  – Estone Tech partner J Squared will be in attendance at the Canadian Defense, Security, and Aerospace conference at the Cunard Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, next month. As Canada’s premier conference for defense, security, and aerospace technologies, DEFSEC’s agenda includes a variety of educational and informative programs, as well as a large industry expo with dozens of companies displaying the latest products and technologies.

J Squared is a new Estone Tech partner, and a long time certified vendor of rugged technologies for the harshest industries. They will have plenty of information available on Estone Tech’s rugged, durable tablets and panel PCs. You can find them at the conference from September 5th – 7th. Please contact Estone Tech for more information on what they’ll have to offer, and how you can arrange a meeting time.

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Single Board Computers vs Medical Computers Growth Infographic

Single Board Computers to Grow on Strength of Medical Panel PCs

According to several recent studies, among the mostly stagnant commercial PC market, SBC’s (Single Board Computers), a class of commercial computers that integrates internal components, displays, I/O features, and audio features into one flat panel piece of equipment, are expected to grow at approximately 12.5% per year through 2024, topping more than $1.2 Billion in sales. The growth is expected primarily on the strength of Medical Panel PCs, computers which are gaining popularity in hospitals and doctors’ offices worldwide as a simple way to integrate Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Imaging & Diagnostic Equipment, and Surgical Tool info into one, small package.

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